Mauricio Olivares-González

R Packages

RATest: A collection of permutation tests (Joint with Ignacio Sarmiento Barbieri)

Description: A collection of randomization tests, data sets and examples. This version considers three main testing problems. The first one concerns with the general testing problem of comparisons of parameters between 2 or more populations, e.g. comparison of means, medians or variances, as well as parameters that depend on the joint distribution of populations as in Chung and Romano (2013). Second, the description and implementation of a permutation test for testing the continuity assumption of the baseline covariates in the sharp regression discontinuity design (RDD) as in Canay and Kamat (2018). Finally, it provides the practitioner with an effortless implementation of a permutation test based on the martingale decomposition of the empirical process for the goodness-of-fit testing problem with an estimated nuisance parameter. An application of this testing problem is the one of testing for heterogeneous treatment effects in a randomized control trial.

Vignettes and Extra Documentation: Additional information regarding the testing problem of comparison of parameters can be found here. A vignette which illustrates the use of the package in the RDD testing problem is also available here, and this really cool tutorial on R-Bloggers written by Ignacio Sarmiento Barbieri ,the co-creator of RATest.